Counter Narcotics Alliance
Protecting Southern Arizona

Community Resources

Where to Find Help

24/7 assessment, support, and treatment for people looking to stop using heroin and other opioids.


(520) 202-1786 (24 hours a day)

CODAC- Medication Assisted Treatment

Sonoran Prevention Works

We provide community workshops, trainings, referrals, consultation, and risk reduction materials to individuals, families, and organizations in order to prevent HIV, Hepatitis C, overdose, and the perpetuation of stigma. In addition, we facilitate the largest free naloxone distribution network in the state.


(480) 442-7086

Pima County Health Department- Behavioral Health

Behavioral health treatment includes services for disorders such as substance abuse, mental health issues, and other addictions.


For help with a behavioral health crisis, call (520) 622-6000 or 1-866-495-6738.
For all emergencies, call 9-1-1
For non-emergency behavioral health calls, call (520) 770-9909 for the HOPE, Inc. Warm Line.

COPE Community Services

COPE offers outpatient behavioral health services to adults with serious mental illnesses (SMI), general mental health (GMH) issues, and/or substance use issues.


(520) 792-3293

Cenpatico Integrated Care offers a large network of both behavioral and physical health providers across southern Arizona.


Crisis Line: (866) 495-6735

Customer Service: (866) 495-6738

Cenpatico Integrated Care

La Frontera Center provides a variety of employment services for people with behavioral health and/or substance use disorders who are interested in obtaining employment as a step toward recovery.


Administration Questions: (520) 838-5600
Member Enrollment: (520) 838-3804
All Other Member Calls/Clinics: (520) 884-9920

La Frontera Arizona

Drug Free AZ Kids is a program of Southwest Behavioral & Health Services. We inspire people to feel better and reach their potential. Through helping people discover their strengths, we improve our communities.


If you are in crisis, call the Crisis Line at (800) 631-1314

Office: (602) 305-7126

Community Medical Services

Mission: to help those who are suffering from substance abuse addiction. We consider these people our clients, and our singular aim is to help them heal. We’re proud that our clinics provide our clients an environment that is free of judgment and condescension and we’re steadfast in treating everyone with the utmost dignity and respect.


(520) 298-1650

A Tucson Police Department document highlighting the dangers of fentanyl and the many different types of ways fentanyl can be packaged or distributed.


Tucson Police Department- Fentanyl Fact Sheet