Counter Narcotics Alliance
Protecting Southern Arizona

Counter narcotics alliance

Protecting Pima County from the Dangers of  Drugs and Drug Trafficking


Making a Difference in the Community since 2003

The Counter Narcotics Alliance (CNA) is a multi-jurisdictional drug task force operating in the Pima County and Greater Tucson area.  Each member agency assists through staffing, facilities, or administrative processes, and each plays a role in the collective success of CNA.

CNA has five objectives:

  • to reduce the rate of crime associated with drug trafficking and drug use
  • to implement strategies to interdict the availability and flow of illicit drugs and the profits from these activities
  • to employ investigative techniques that target offenders, locations, and organizations involved in illicit narcotics activities
  •  to utilize intelligence-driven law enforcement planning to coordinate and maximize the collaborative resources available
  •  to work towards the reduction in demand, availability, and chronic use of drugs

CNA is an investigative initiative that also conducts interdiction operations and financial investigations when appropriate.  It employs all methods of narcotic investigation and interdiction, ranging from undercover street enforcement to Title 3 intercepts, both at the local and international drug trafficking organizations (DTO) and money laundering operations (MLO) levels.

Arizona’s proximity to the border makes the CNA a first line of defense against the growing drug trade throughout the United States.  As such, the CNA seizes and interrupts a broad range of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth, fentanyl, and pharmaceutical drugs.